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Frequently Asked Questions About Smog Checks

Emissions from vehicles can pollute the air we breathe if they are beyond the accepted levels. That is the reason for the introduction of smog checks to ensure the reduction of air pollution. When you want to renew your vehicle registration, you have to do a smog check before the vehicle is registered. Getting your car smog check done can be a tense experience as a car owner. The entire process can leave you with many unanswered questions.

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The following are some smog check common questions answered to help you understand it.

Which kind of vehicles require a smog check?

Any vehicle that is gas-powered and manufactured after 1975 has to go through a smog check. However, if you purchase a brand new car, you avoid doing smog tests for six years as long as you pay smog abatement fees during this time.After six years have lapsed, you will have to conduct a smog check every two years. You will need to have a smog certification for you to renew the registration of your vehicle.

What happens during the smog test process?

inspection of vehicleConducting a smog check follows a three-step process. First, the vehicle is visually inspected to ensure that all the equipment is appropriately connected and that the color of the smoke emitted from the tailpipe is neither black nor white. The vehicle’s computer systems are then examined for any errors, and finally, emission tests to check for harmful pollutants. You will then be given the inspection report of the vehicle.

What if my vehicle fails a smog test?

Smog tests are usually conducted when you renew the registration of your vehicle. If the vehicle fails a smog check, then it will not be registered. That is why you need to keep your vehicle in a proper working condition before undergoing a smog check.You can always consult a qualified technician to help repair any malfunctions that can make you fail a smog test. Even if your car fails a smog test, you do not have to worry about incurring retest fees as there are stations that offer free retests.

Can I increase the chances of passing a smog test?

Yes, you can do a lot to raise your chances of passing the smog test. There are tips you can employ to help you pass a smog test with ease. Make sure you change any old engine oil, replace the air filter, do a pre-inspection, and ensure that the tires are well inflated.