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Maintenance Tips for Your UTV

If you are an extreme sports enthusiast, you will most likely be familiar with the term UTV. Often referred to as a side-by-side, it refers to a four-wheeled off-road vehicle specially designed for outdoor use. The special purpose of this vehicle implies that the vehicle and the machine require regular checkups and maintenance. However, it does not change the fact that most owners often overlook this fact and focus only on buying UTV Side by Side parts. Experts often state the importance of regular maintenance as a way to avoid future problems.

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As parts of the machine, it is vital to check the fittings and the joints. Zerk fittings are not an exception. It serves a vital purpose as a gate to other essential parts that need constant lubrication. If owners fail to notice the importance of this element, it will be somewhat impossible to see if something is wrong with other elements. Note that this condition can lead to several bigger issues, and the best way to avoid it is to take good care of the available fittings. More importantly, the fittings are also specially designed to make it easier for owners to take care of and handle the other parts that can only be reached through the fittings. If manufacturers have provided you with this vital part, the only thing you need to do is to take advantage of them.

The first thing to do before moving on to the other parts of the machine is to locate where the fittings are. Different models may have different specifications, including different fitting location. Further description is usually available in the manual book, but you can also make online inquiries to start.

Air Filter

a man driving a vehicleAnother essential part of the vehicle is the air filter. Unfortunately, the fact that it is an essential element that serves crucial functions does not change the fact that it is often neglected, leading to worse issues with the filters. Thus, the next thing to do to make sure the machine runs well is to check the filters quite regularly.

There are two types of filters, and they are serviceable and those that are not. If you notice your UTV has the first type of filter, things will be easier for you to take care of it. You only need to clean and oil it regularly. However, if the filter belongs to the latter, you need to replace it with the new one as soon as you notice any problems.

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Living in a Camper Vehicle: The Basics

Living a nomadic style in an RV (Recreational Vehicles) can be interesting. And if the idea has ever occurred to your mind, then this article is the right one for you. You can read this as a recreational reading or a prelude to more serious preparation.

First, you have to know that there are two types of RV: Campervan, and Camper truck. You can either rent them just for a short getaway or purchase one to live forever as a camper. And you can even modify commercial vehicles on your own.

Building a Camper Truck

Truck Camper InstalledIf you own a truck, you can either purchase a truck camper directly or build one on your own. Creating everything from scratch is, of course, unadvisable. It will take an unreasonable amount of time, and the result will be very vulnerable to errors. What you can do instead is to partner with a professional camper builder. Bahn Camper Works and Capri Camper are the examples of professional custom truck camper builders.

By working with a custom camper shop, you can ask for a personal request, such as extra bed bunks for the kids, a bathtub, or special contraptions for gaming or storing sports equipment. Although custom shops handcraft their works, the credible ones, such as the Bahn and Capri, use premium materials.

If you want to buy the mass-produced campers, here is a list of the top picks:

  • Earthcruiser GZL-400
  • Hellwig-Lance 650
  • Bundu Camp Short-Bed Pop-up
  • Hallmark Milner 6.5 Pop-up
  • The Lance 1172 Double Slide-Out Hard-Slide

The first two products are designed aerodynamically, while the others optimize space more than speed. It means that if you want more space in your camper, you have to sacrifice your truck’s speed on the highways.

Camper Van

Unlike camper trucks, of which the camper function as a detachable contraption, camper van requires a permanent interior modification. Here are three types of the van that can be converted into a moving house:

Conversion Vans

CampervanA conversion van has back seats for passengers, but those seats can be folded to be a king-size bed. This van is ideal if you do not want to include a cooking space or bathroom. And it is also difficult to imagine how the seats are going to stay. Even the simplest modifications, such as adding a wardrobe or some compartments, will need the back seats to be out of the vehicle.

But because a conversion van is designed to handle passengers, the suspension will be much better and smoother than a cargo van. And that is the only factor that you need to think of.

Cargo Vans

Like the conversion van, a cargo van is designed to contain heavy objects. But instead of a filled backspace, a cargo van has it blank and empty. You can directly load your belongings and think of building a kitchen and a bathroom without being bothered with the useless back seats.


A VanagonVolkswagen Vans have their own charisma. Vanagon owners are known for their solid brotherhood. So once you join the club by creating your own Vanagon, you should be ready with a warm welcome.

Possessing a Vanagon is like participating in a real nomadic community.

But owning a Vanagon comes at an extra price. Most Volkswagens are no longer in their good condition. And it has become harder to get the replacement parts each day. Also, regular maintenance is a must, unless you want your Vanagon to jam in the middle of the road.


To choose between the twos, you must consider your budget wisely. Bear in mind that some vehicles need permanent modification, which also means an expensive cost, while the others are just a detachable contraption.